Sunday, February 6, 2011

Early Spring Cleaning

Good Morning all. How has your weekend been going? Ours has been pretty quiet so far. Just did a couple of errands yesterday. Now today, hopefully will be different. I hope to crack the whip and get some house chores done.

It is all quiet here still, everybody still sleeping or just laying there playing quietly. Which is amazing. But my mind isn't. I have idea's rolling around in there like crazy. So I decide to stop by and spill some of them out to you.

I'm a horrible housekeeper. Most of the time I feel that I just barely do enough to make it not gross. Most nights the only thing that gets done is hopefully the dishes. Now I know what I see out in Blogland, is what people choose to share. That their houses are not always perfect. But when I look around my apartment, I don't see much of promise of it looking good.

So on that note, I've decided that the months of February and March are going to be spent in doing a deep clean. Just taking it one room or part of a room at a time. The goal is to clean and minimize some of our junk. Then make a list of all the things that I would like to do for that room at this time. Then when we have the time or the funds to slowly start working on those things. Then if I can get myself through this process now and get myself motivated I'll go through and do a cleaning, toss and re-evaluate my lists again in September and October.

So on top of regular chores, I'm starting with the living room today. I feel this will be the easiest room to do.

Well here good luck to whatever you have planned for the day

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