Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been reading.

Well I've gotten sidetracked off the spring cleaning. I did start the bathroom and well there not much left to do. Just need to take down the light fixer and wash it, then just a quick sort of under the sink and then take measurements for a shelf. Then that will be done. But unless I work on it during the week, it won't get done until next weekend. This past weekend my SIL and her kids were over. And this weekend will be crafting weekend #2 with my sister. I got one project I really want to make some progress on. So here hopeing.

But if I haven't been crafting and I haven't been cleaning, what have I been doing? READING!!!

More specificly I've been reading this series:

Outlander (Outlander, #1)

Now I read the first book of this series back in July. I liked. I put the next book on my to read pile. And then got caught up with reading other things. Now in the past 3 weeks. I have read #2 and #3 and the graphic novel. And well the graphic novel is the only one that I think I could have skipped. It tells part of the story from the first book, just from a different point of view. Well I would be reading more of this series right away if it wasn't for the fact I have 2 borrowed books on my nightstand waiting for me to read.

We've also started working on a bunk bed for The Monkey and Squirms. Not what I originally wanted but I think it will work out better for them. The boys made it last weekend. Once it gets home I get to fill in the holes and paint it. Agian not the color I wanted. I was going for a nice teal/turquios color but Monkey wanted purple. And since she's the one sleeping in it. Her voted out ranked mine.

Now that the end of winter is in sight, what plans do you have? Are you starting any new projects?

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