Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Much

Well hello. I know it's been a bit. But really there hasn't been much to share. Or really I haven't felt like doing much. So in truth I haven't. It's just been the bare minimum around here. But well today I got a little somewhere on my cleaning. I thought I share.

The hubby hung these that we got at Ikea a few weeks ago.

I'm liking them a lot. But I think I want another spice rack above that one. I hadn't planned on putting the knives there. But my input wasn't asked for until after he had hung them. I really wasn't going to argue at that point. Just glad to have and have it up.

Now on this next one I wish a had remembered to take a before picture. But if you can image: the bottom shelf had baskets with the kids' color and crafting supplies, the middle shelf had my cook books and all the recipe print outs that I haven't tried or copied into my note book to keep. and well the top had some of what is there now plus a bunch of random things (it's the catch all place for when we clear the table off to eat).

The shelf I've had for 9 years now and I got it only because someone left it when the moved out of house before we moved in. But I have something on my list of things for my hubby to make that will replace this. I'm hoping that will happen before the end of summer. I know that seems like a long ways out, but I have 2 other projects for him to make before this. And well it's the case of time and money (no money and lots of time vs. some money and no time).

We also celebrated someone turning 2 a couple of weekends ago.

And well I listed my first item to sell on Craigslist. I hope it goes.

I hope everyone has a great week. And here's hoping the we will continue to have so spring weather. I'm tired of snow.

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