Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Again

Happy Summer to all. I know it's been a while since I've come to visit. The truth is I haven't really felt like it. Actually I even took a break from reading most blogs too.

But I think I'm back now. I probably won't post much or often but I like to share with you. And well if nothing else it's a place to write down some of my thoughts. I think part of the break was I was feeling over whelmed by how much other people do. I know it's just how they portray it but it still makes me feel like a slacker. I looked the other day and I was following around 200 blogs. No wonder I wasn't getting anything done. So I went through and deleted a bunch of them from my list. Now it's not that they aren't great blogs, it's just that they don't talk to me or inspire me like I would like them too. The goal was to cut back my list in half. After reviewing every blog in my list it is now down to 66. That's with a few iffy ones. I know I'll come across new ones to add and I might even go back to some of the one that I deleted. But for now I have several that I really enjoy and not a lot that are just okay.

What have I been doing? Nothing much. Some reading, I started a new knitting project. A sweater for me. I'm slowly working on it. Mostly it get worked on when I'm in front of the TV.

We have some big changes coming up with my family. I'll share them with you once things become a little more clear.

Other then that I'm in the middle of a kid free week. I had hopes of getting a lot of things done. But none of that has come into play. That's okay though, I've enjoyed the extra time with the hubby and some time with just us and the Boy. The only two things that would make it even better is time off of work and some outside furniture so I could sit on the deck and read.

Well that's all I have for now.

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