Friday, February 3, 2012

January Entertainment

Wow! Another new month already. What happened to January? Things have been crazy around here. Not bad, but not all sunshine and roses either. We're all still try to make the adjustment of the Boy being with us full time and get him on track at school. So that's a struggle. Other than that I finished with my volunteer project for the Monkey's school reading festival. They handed out medallions last night.

So what have I been watching?

Well we've been just finished watching season 1&2 of True Blood. Just odd. But you can't seem to stop watching it though either. This is a HBO show so it has adult content in it.

Season Two of Downton Abby started on Masterpiece Theater

Also my SiL came down for her birthday and we went  and saw One for the Money. I thought it was cute, had some laughs. Since I have read a good portion of the books in this series I thought that they didn't do Ranger justice in it.

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