Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mid-Week Tidbits (2)

I know September is just starting but I'm looking forwards to October. The past couple weeks have been unbelievably busy, at least by our standards. The days have been filled with getting the two girls ready to school and setting up new routines. The start of dance class. Weekends filled with family or friends. I think we have plans for the next four weekends as well.

That being said there has not been a lot of movement on the craft front or even the reading front really.

Television: I have on the other hand been watching lots of TV, in hopes of getting caught up before the fall premiers.  We watched the final season of True Blood. I was very disappointed in the finale. I was also watching The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy channel, this was a geeky entertainment Talk Soup type show. Was very disappointed to learn that they chose not to renew for more episodes.

image (c) Starz

I'm still very much enjoying Outlander. It is one of my most looked forward to show to watch all week. I believe that there are still nine more episodes this season and it has been renewed for second season already.

image via PBS
I was able to get my hands on season one of The Paradise. This is a Masterpiece Theater airing in the US, but a BBC production. It is set in the late 1800's. And focuses on the staff and owner of one of the first department stores. This show has such a gorgeous set. Season 2 start at the end of the month.

My favorite comic book character is Dick Grayson. DC comics has put him in several roles: Robin, Nightwing, Batman and now a new roll. DC recent released Grayson, where Dick is an agent in Russia. I've read the first two issues and I like it so far.

 I've barely picked up my needles in the last few weeks so no real progress on the Melon Poncho. I did knit up a swatch for a Tiny Tea leave sweater though. But I won't won't start any knitting on that until I get the poncho done.

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