Friday, November 7, 2014

If there is sunlight. . .

No I haven't forgotten about this space again. I've just been having a hard time adjusting to our new schedules: school, dance, homework, chores. . . Nothing major.

There hasn't been a lot of anything much going on. Minimal reading. Lots of TV watching, but nothing much of interest to report on. There has been an over abundance of Ravelry viewing. Making me want to knit more than I have time too and buy more yarn then I could use in three years at my current pace of knitting.

These are my top picks from Ravelry :

(c) Misi Photo
Graceful Pullover: I love it and the fact that profits for it are going to a family in need.

(c) Loop, London  
Sou Sous

(c) Alicia Plummer

I've been meaning to take some pictures of some of my projects. But have either lacked a model, daylight or time. But if I can get a little bit of sunlight this weekend I'll have some thing to show you next week.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.

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