Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crafty progress

Well how is every body's weekend going? Me? I should be busier then busy, but have yet to actually get anything done. Just to give you an update. The Boy moved to Texas with his mom this summer. He has now decided to move back home with us on a more permanent bases. I have mixed feelings on this. But other than that this is causing us to rearrange a good portion of our apartment. That is on top of trying to get ready for Christmas. Some of the plans for the weekend include the normal errands (library and grocery store), dig out and set up a Christmas tree, put away everything on two folding tables that are in the office (which is now being converted to our bedroom/office), laundry and other house cleaning, and paint a cupboard that the hubby sanded down for me. And well Hubby is scheduled to work OT all weekend.

But anyways I thought I stop by and share a small amount of crafty progress since last time.

First off we have some some cross stitch that I dug out. Now don't think that I got all this down over the last couple of months. The fact is I've been working on this for about ten years. But I know that I haven't touched it for at least five years. Newly worked on is the blue at on the what will be the wall and then tree and Santa in a rain coat on top of the bookcase.

I also add a couple more squares to my crazy afghan. Measuring it out I'm at about the half way point on the first row. So as a note to myself, I need 11 blocks for a total of 22 blocks in the first row.

I've also gotten both sleeves done and have now started on the body of my sweater. Not that one can tell by the picture but the bottom ribbing is down, as well as the pocket fronts. Then I'm about two inches into the body.

Well I hope everyone is has plans for a good weekend.
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