Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I've been watching.

Well it's been a fairly quite week her. The Monkey has 3 days off of school this week. But she's off to daycare to play with all her friends there, that she hasn't seen much of since school started. We've had some interesting messages from the Boy. More on that later, once things get settled. Other than that, I haven't been reading a lot this week. But there has been a lot of TV watching going on.

Well I finished watching this:
I absolutely loved it. And I can't wait for season two to start here in the US on January 8th.

We've caught up on through season 3 of Fringe. But won't be watching the current season on TV, we'll wait until next fall and watch the whole season all in a row.

Here are some of my favorite new series that started this Fall.

Revenge which is on ABC.

2 Broke Girls which is on CBS, it is funny.

And we have The Secret Circle on CW. Diffidently a teenage drama, witches and what not. But still good.

So have you found any new shows that you're loving?

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