Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Best of Kid Books

We didn't get through a whole lot of kid books this month. I know we read but not a lot of them stood out. Some were just read because we needed something short. On the plus side Squirm who is now 2 and half, has decided she likes to be read to at bedtime. Granted it mean crawling into her bed with her and reading, as she doesn't like sitting still long enough to be cuddle up with a book in the living room. She also likes looking at book in bed when she supposed to be going to sleep. So come morning time there is often a dozen books or so in bed with her. Can't blame her I like going to bed with a book too.

This is one of the books that did stand out for me this month. ZooZical by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Marc Brown. In brief its about what the zoo animals get up to during the long, boring winter time.

I liked it a lot. The pictures were cute and the story read like a poem.

So did you have any books that you or your kids enjoyed this month? I'm always looking for books to read with the girls.

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